Doing what's best ─多く与えられる者は、多くを求められる

先日けんさんに、Dr.SticeのメッセージがAlumuni Magazineに載っているよ、と教えて頂いたので開いてみたのだが、素晴らしい話だった。彼のメッセージの中には、ここBYUで学ぶすべての者が学び、心に留めておかなければならないことのすべてが凝縮されていると感じた。





彼女のメッセージには、Dr. Sticeの話と通じるものが多くあると思う。彼はマリオットスクールを中心に話をしているが、この話はマリオットスクールの学生だけでなく、BYU プロボ校、ハワイ校、アイダホ校で学ぶ機会を得た、すべての人に当てはまる話だと思う。


stice.jpgIn my previous assignment as director of the mba program, I had the opportunity to travel the world in search of potential mba students. Because of those experiences I met many individuals who have very little material wealth. Yet those who have so little faithfully pay their tithing so that we at byu— faculty, students, and thousands of graduates— can enjoy the blessings that abound on this campus.

I have met faithful Saints who would give all of their worldly possessions for the opportunity to attend byu, and I have had the haunting duty of informing many of those individuals that they will never enjoy the byu experience. Yet they continue to sacrifice so we can be here. After looking into so many hopeful eyes, I have spent a great deal of time wrestling with the question, “Why do they give so I can be here?”

The only answer that comforts my conscience is that byu is not here to bless the select few who are fortunate enough to study here. Instead, we select a few whose lives are blessed. They in turn are expected to go where the Lord would have them go to bless the lives of others.

At the Marriott School we are not about rankings, placement statistics, salaries, or the accolades of the world. These are side effects. A Marriott School experience is intended to change people who then are expected to go forth and use their influence and their example to change others. Tithe payers invest in byu, and they deserve a return on their investment. That return is demonstrated through an enduring commitment to use our skills and abilities in building the kingdom of God. That is what we are about.

If all we do in the Marriott School is produce quality accountants, competent investment bankers, or capable hr managers, then we have failed in our obligation to those who finance us. To borrow from one of Elder Dallin H. Oaks’ recent general conference addresses: “We should remember that it is not enough that something is good. Other choices are better, and still others are best.” Preparing students for their first job is good—but not good enough. Developing future leaders in the business world is better. But preparing graduates to be leaders in their professions, their communities, their churches, and their homes while explicitly instilling in them a commitment to go forth and build the kingdom is best.

Those associated with the Marriott School have a wonderful opportunity and a tremendous obligation. We must never forget those who sacrifice so much for those who work and study here. We cannot forget what they expect of each of us—a commitment to do what’s best.

Jim Stice I Associate Dean


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